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How To Find the “Right” Home?

How To Find the “Right” Home?

Buying a home is a major investment that’s why it is normal to be careful in choosing the right one. You’ll want to make the best decision possible because it is a long-term commitment and there is a lot that comes along with owning a home.


The moment you drive up to the curb, only then, you’ll know if you found the right one. More certainly than not, it will take some time for you to find the home you want, and the process will get incredibly difficult for each “not quite right” house you see.


Here are some things you can do and suggestions to bear in mind to help the process go a bit more smoothly when looking for the right home


You Want to Enter the House Right Away


Part of the fun of house hunting is not knowing which house will be your new home as you drive up to the curb. Is it the one on the left, or does the one on the right appeal to you? If you choose the house on the right to the house on the left, it may be a signal. 


You’re drawn to this house for some reason. The importance of first impressions cannot be underestimated.


It Feels Like “Home”

Just seconds after entering, you can tell if it’s warm and welcoming. Does it appear to be speaking to you? Do you imagine yourself starting a family in the house? Is it comfortable? If that’s the case, it’s most likely so.


You Don’t Feel Uncomfortable in the Bathroom

Buyers are often so uneasy around a bathroom that they refuse to enter the room. They’ll stand outside, hold the door frame, and glance in for a moment. If you step into the bathroom and feel tempted to open the shower door or stroke the vanity marble, you’re already considering this your home.


You Feel Defensive About the House

If your agent points out a problem or two or five and says, “There’s a stain in the kitchen sink” or “I’d update this, that, and this.” If you find yourself feeling defensive, as if the house were already yours, it may be an indication that you’re starting to fall for it. Keep in mind how challenging (or easy) it can be to correct those flaws if you finally realize you can’t live with them.


You Begin to Visualize where You’ll Put the Furniture

If you step into the master bedroom and instantly picture your bed against a specific wall, this could be your home. If you think the living room window will be a great place to install a Christmas tree, you’re already hooked. Or maybe you can even see yourself walking up the street on the way home from a long day at work. 

A neighbor across the street is tossing a frisbee to a puppy, and it seems to you that they might be someone you’d like to be friends with. The neighborhood is just as important as the location of furniture.

It Checks Out All of The Most Important Boxes.

The house does not have any amenities on your list, but it meets the essentials. It has the right number of rooms and space. Perhaps it lacks a good driveway, and you remember in a moment of insight that buying a house with a garage isn’t all that necessary after all. 

You know you might build a garage if you decide you really need one. Sudden impulses to be flexible are a positive indication that you’ve found the right one.


You Don’t Want to Look at Other Houses

Many of the other houses you’ve looked at are no longer interesting to you. You start comparing any new property you see to this one, and they don’t compare. The houses you previously ranked “No. 3” have now dropped to “No. 10” because they simply pale in comparison to this one.


You Can’t Wait to Tell Someone About It

Have you already taken any pictures and posted them on Social media? Did you tell your family about the house or did you text your mom about it? If you’re that excited after your first tour of the house, you may have found the one.


You Can’t-Wait To Go Back

You’re done if you hopped in the car, spoke with your family, and promptly scheduled your next visit to the house before you even left the driveway. You’d like to see it at a certain time of day with your mother or best friend the next time. Request for a seller’s disclosure from your real estate agent to ensure that the property is in excellent condition. You should also start to submit an offer as well since you’ve most likely found your dream home.